SOBs Gets a Preview of Ryan Leslie’s New Album

SOBs got a sneak peak of Ryan Leslie’s upcoming album last week. Now we’re giving you an inside look at what went down.

We were escorted into the studio that R. Les recorded a large amount of the new album in. When we got there we were served some hors d’oerves and drinks as we waited for the man of the hour to arrive. There were quite a few other important press people and industry folks in the building to hear the new music, like the amazing Shanel (from Honey Mag), People Magazine, Giantstep, Hip Hop DX & plenty more.

studio image

R.Les was a little late (hey, he’s a rock star….he can do that) but when he finally got there everyone crowded into the recording room with the motherboard. Ryan greeted everyone and thanked us all for coming through. Then he got started. Hit the jump for more.


Basically the new album ( entitled ‘Transition’) chronicles a “Summer of Love” that Ryan went through. While preparing for his 2 sold out SOBs shows back in March, someone introduced Ryan to a beautiful mystery woman (at least to us since Les deems not to inform us who she is…he does hint that she travels a lot and works everywhere…basically it can easily be inferred that she’s a pretty well known model).


Upon meeting the woman, Ryan at the time became ‘obsessed’ with her, the album chronicles the journey of their love affair. The nameless woman serves as the primary muse for the work.


To begin Les showed us a video of himself some time in high school with huge glasses the subject of a local news program discussing his way of expressing himself and  doing community outreach. Les raps throughout it and the in-studio/current Ryan explained that he was a rapper before he started singing.

There was also a video of Ryan performing for his father’s Rotary club after recieving a speech writing award an original composition.

He wanted to show his passion for music and how he was committed to it from an early age.


The first song that Ryan played for us was called ‘Never Gonna Break Up’.  Would actually go on record and say this is the BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM. Les showed us the just finished video for the song and had everyone’s heads bumping.

Another stand out track ( that Les mentioned he thought about having Fabolous on and also showed to Drake who thought it was dope) was ‘Something’ featuring Pusha T from The Clipse. This song is definitely a single and will be a popular one for sure. Pusha has a really good verse and one of his lines goes something like “And she dont Gossip, Plus she she got the same sh*t Rihanna rock on Bossip”…


(Note: Cause we cant remember EVERY song that R.Les played, just gonna discuss the ones that can be remembered)

There’s a track called “Is It Real Love”that might feature Ryan Leslie protegé Krys Ivory, with a sultry sound & feel.

‘Zodiac’ is one of the few tracks not inspired by the mysterious muse (Les commented that the Summer love instantly disliked the song and commented that she wasn’t into Astrology). R.Les wrote the song after meeting a woman that he was interested who was into Astrology. Ryan has been playing the song in his live set since he wrote it in March of this year and its sure to be a stand out track.


R.Les as master of ceremonies was at times quirky, funny, effusive and VERY VERY honest. He showed that he wasnt afraid to expose his sensitive side

Near the end of the session R.Les let us know that eventually he and the mystery woman decided to go their separate ways, but he observes that “We’ll always have that Summer of Love and the world will always have this music.”

The album hits stores on NOVEMBER 3 & R.Les has a huge show on November 6th, a few days later.


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