Update: Collections for Haiti

Many thanks to all of you who have already generously donated to our collections for Haiti. We want to remind you that due to the great need, we will be collecting into the foreseeable future. At this point, we are no longer accepting clothing donations. We will also be hosting benefits in the upcoming weeks and months, so please check back here or at http://www.sobs.com for more details. There remains an enormous need for the following :


• Ace bandages, gauze pads, bandage & tape
• Water purification tablets & Rehydration salts
• antibiotic and antifungal (Mycology) creams
• anti-allergy medication (i.e. Benadryl)
• anti-parasite medication
• Tylenol; children’s tylenol
• cold and cough medicine
• diarrhea medication
• eye drops
• insect repellent
• hydrogen peroxide
• skin disinfectant spray

• Toothpaste and tooth brushes
• soap and deodorant
• sanitary napkins
• brand new underwear – adult (small & med.) and children sizes


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