KRS-One Hosts Hip Hop Panel at SOBs 4/20

Hear about the recent controversy over the Hip Hop museum? Want to participate in a discussion about the preservation of hip hop with legends like KRS – One? RSVP to info (at) templeofhiphop (dot) org.

When: April  20, 2010 from 7pm-9pm

Where: SOBs, 204 Varick St NY NY 10014

How: Email info (at) templeofhiphop (dot) org

Cost: Free

Check after the jump for more details.


NEW YORK-APRIL 14TH 2010-“Rap is something we do, Hip Hop is something we live” explained KRS-One, founder of the Temple of Hip Hop. “Therefore, a legitimate Hip Hop museum is first interested in the preservation of Hip Hop’s real pioneers and cultural icons; not just the commercial products such icons may have created”.

Last week, KRS-One declared the National Museum of Hip Hop “illegitimate” and began a series of private meetings with Craig M. Wilson, the president of the Nation Museum of Hip Hop, and DJ Yoda of the Universal Zulu Nation along with other key Hip Hop pioneers to discuss the future of the Hip Hop preservation movement itself. When asked directly, what is the problem that Hip Hop’s pioneers actually have with a museum that is suppose to honor them? DJ Yoda replies; “if you want to do any project that has to do with the culture of Hip Hop, it has to be run through the pioneers. Our problem is not with Craig, it is the way that he’s handling his business”.

Apparently, Mr. Craig M. Wilson incorporated, trademarked and chartered the name “National Hip Hop Museum” without consulting first with Hip Hop’s key historical figures.  KRS-One advised Mr. Wilson to set aside the National Hip Hop museum concept because Mr. Wilson owns it as a not-for-profit organization and this is not fair to the pioneers. KRS-One further advised Mr. Wilson that the only way forward with the creation of a legitimate Hip Hop Museum is to give Hip Hop’s key pioneers real ownership in the enterprise that will rely upon their legacies for its very existence. “Only Hip Hop can build Hip Hop’s Museum” said KRS-One.  “To discuss any world culture you have to consult the true experts of that culture. Why do some people think that they can write about Hip Hop, create museums and Hall of Fames regarding Hip Hop, or call themselves ‘Hip Hop scholars’ without ever consulting Hip Hop’s real pioneers and culture keepers”?

On April 20th 2010 at S.O.B.s located at 200 Varick street in Manhattan New York, the Temple of Hip Hop in association with the Universal Zulu Nation will host the first in a series of open discussions regarding Hip Hop and its cultural preservation. This historic event is RSVP only. Dinner begins at 5:00pm for invited pioneers and specially invited guess. Press and other media will be addressed at 6:00pm. Open discussion begins at 7:00pm and concludes at 9:00pm.

To RSVP, please email us at and indicate in the “subject” RSVP for April 20th 2010 event. This is a private event and capacity is limited, so please respond quickl


One Response to “KRS-One Hosts Hip Hop Panel at SOBs 4/20”

  1. I agree w/ KRS–and yet, I don’t– Who defines what hip-hop IS? Isn’t the whole message that WE, the people define it? KRS is AMAZING..and so are many of the old school pioneers..and KRS is active today–but many of them are NOT– at ALL..yet they want support. I think if they want to be down today, they should make a HIT RECORD today*–
    KRS is doing his own stuff.. He’s creating institutions, projects, albums– He has conscious stuff pouring out of new artists like Greenie–w/ whom he made an album at and his own new EP– these kind of things are available only online, it seems.. for GOOD reason–to stick it to the corporate record labels–and have people buy from him directly– THAT– is the preservation of hip-hop culture to ME

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