Eddie Palmieri- The Great

You dont know about Eddie Palmieri? For shame…its alright though. Were about to give you a crash course in the legend, and the man is nothing short of legendary.

Check a little bio about him after the jump…

S.O.B.’s presents the living Latin-Jazz legend, Eddie Palmieri for an intimate live performance on may 5th. Long-considered eternally young Mr. Palmieri shows no signs of slowing down, playing sold-out shows all over the world and cementing his place in the pantheon of Latin Kings. Mr. Palmieri has an indomitable spirit which shines through his in music.

Eddie Palmieri, known for his charismatic power and bold innovative drive, has a musical career that spans over 50 years as a bandleader of Salsa and Latin Jazz orchestras. With a discography that includes 36 titles, Mr. Palmieri has been awarded Nine Grammy Awards. He received his first Grammy Award in 1975 for his release The Sun of Latin Music, which is often considered the most historic, as it was the first time Latin Music was recognized by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS). He would win again the following year for Unfinished Masterpiece, Palo Pa ‘ Rumba in 1984, Solito in 1985 and La Verdad in 1987. He received a Latin Grammy and a traditional Grammy for his 2000 release with Tito Puente entitled Obra Maestra/Masterpiece, Listen Here! in 2006 and Simpatico in 2007, a collaborative effort with trumpet master Brian Lynch, for Best Latin Jazz Album.

S.O.B.’s has long been New York’s premiere venue for salsa and Latin Jazz, having presented shows by the likes of Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Marc Anthony and La India. After more than 27 years of bringing live Latin music to New York City, S.O.B.’s continues this tradition will the incomparable Eddie Palmieri. Don’t miss Eddie Palmieri live in concert and the chance to catch this Latin music icon at the the legendary S.O.B.’s, New York’s Home of Universal Music.


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