Healing Haiti One Show at a Time

On a mission to demonstrate the healing power of music, Papa Jube along with Parrish McKittirick from the SOBs family traveled to Haiti last week to bring attention to the devastation still faced by its residents six months after the infamous earthquake. Though the subject of their efforts may have been somber, their performance and the enthusiastic crowd present could not have been more lively. The concert marked the first event planned by the soon to be non-profit organization ‘Arms Around Haiti’ and featured such greats as Styles P, Immortal Technique and Cormega alongside Haiti’s own the Barikad Crew. Over 10,000 spectators gathered to see the performance – some even climbing rooftops and trucks to catch a glimpse. Taking place just outside Downtown Port Au Prince in one of Haiti’s most crime ridden cities, the event went off without a hitch. Without one single police officer present, the crowd remained peaceful (albeit excited) throughout; serving as an example music’s power to bring people together even in the most bleak situations.

For more photos of the event, check out Haiti Net Radio


One Response to “Healing Haiti One Show at a Time”

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