Pharrell Drops Life Lessons at K!dult Youth Conference

Last week, Pharrell along with other music greats hosted an event for young entrepreneurs. Here’s a first hand account from one of our own – see what she had to say:

On Saturday June 26, was the 2010 K!dult Youth Conference. It was the first of its kind for ages 14-21 who want to be Entrepreneurs and the new leaders of tomorrow. Founded by the rapper Pharell and his team of successful partners they were able to bring together 500+ kids from all over NYC and neighboring states from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and even Canada. It started in the early around 7:30am and ended a little after 7:30pm it was a long day and the only thing keeping everyone energized was the excitement of networking and meeting people in the position that we all aspire to be in: successful, educated, and not to mention wealthy.

We listened to public speakers whose resume’s were very impressive, like Hezekiah Griggs III, a character in himself. Only 21years old and is already a multimillionaire and has even retired 3x before in his life. He spoke with such authority and passion (..and sometimes shocked the monkey by being so charismatic we had no choice but listen) telling all the attendees that success comes from hard work and you must accept your “craziness” to get ahead. He ended his speech by saying “You can take my money, take my title, but I’ll be damned if you take my name!”, spoken like preacher giving us the gospel. Among others who attended was Datwon Thomas; if you didn’t know he started off as an intern just like us for Vibe magazine, and worked his way up to becoming Editor-In-Chief of one of hip-hops heavyweight magazines XXL, founding Editor of King magazine and now Editor and COO of Global Grind website ( founder Russell Simmons).

Pharell has an amazing presence…as he was being interviewed by Diggy Simmons (yes, Rev Run’s son) he was very wise and when he spoke everyone was silent. As talented as he is, he is also intelligent! He gave every person who attended 10 free business cards to pass out to build their network, but with so many people you soon had to retreat to the old pen and paper to take down the constant list of contacts. It was a great event and to top it off Pharell performed, but not on usual terms. He jumped in the crowd and invited everyone up to party with him, much more personal than him being on the stage. While the K!dults partied hard it ended the show with a bang.


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