SOB’s Favorite Eric Roberson Drops New Video

Check out the new video from artist and Sol Village host, Eric Roberson for his song “Still”

We love the strong message of the video and the song. Aside from that, we just cannot get over how COOL that club scene is. Man, that sure does look like a sweet place to go to every night of the week. Forever. Ok you got us – it’s SOB’s. And it just so turns out Mr. Roberson will be here hosting Sol Village on the 21st and performing solo on the 29th! Get those tickets!


2 Responses to “SOB’s Favorite Eric Roberson Drops New Video”

  1. Wow… That’ definitely not how I expected the video to go. BUt it was a powerful video through out. You feel his pain of how he STILL yearns for her and loves her… STILL


    • We’re glad you enjoyed the video… Come out tonight, July 29 to hear more powerful lyrics by Eric Roberson. He will be putting on his “Up Close & Personal” concert at SOBs. Doors open at 7:30pm; show starts at 9pm.

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