Carimi Returns to SOB’s on Friday, July 30

Carimi is currently flying to Haiti for a four day tour then will return to New York next week to rock the stage of SOB’s with their groovy, Latin sound.  Below is the video of their hit single Buzz from the album, “Carimi Buzz”.

Carimi, the internationally renowned Haitain band, have graced us with their presence multiple times in the past at SOB’s and we are thrilled they accepted to perform next Friday amidst the rebuilding in Haiti. Carimi; comprised of Carlo Vieux, Richard Cave, and Mickael Guirand, banded together years ago and moved to the United States to further their knowledge of music. It took little time for Carimi to become a household name in Haiti for their music that deals with the political pressures and security of their home nation. Although their music deals with Haiti, Carimi is a group listened to all over the world. They have been at the top of the charts around the globe and have received the Album of the Year in the International music scene.

Get your tickets to the show HERE


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