Throwback Thursday: John Legend

Way back before the fame, the Grammys, and  the  controversy about his hairline, John Legend performed and recorded an album right here at SOB’s. That’s right, in the summer of 2002 when “Chicago” was making bank at the box office and everyone was rokcin’ those valor track suits, John Legend began recording live tracks for his live album. Back then, he performed under his given name, John Stephens, but even then John Legend still brought the crowd to their feet with songs like “Let’s Get Lifted” and “Alright.” Recorded on two separate occasions, Legend’s “Live from SOB’s New  York” album also features a special guest performance from none other than legendary (no pun inteded) Talking Heads front man David Byrne. In a rousing rendition of ‘Burning Down the House’ the unlikely duo put a soulful twist on the quirky classic.

Looks like Legend just couldn’t stay away – he performed once again just a week before releasing his career making debut album “Get Lifted.” Check out his performance of his first hit ‘Ordinary People’ above.


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