A Day In The Life: Estelle in The Studio with ?uestlove

If I had to identify one person who is a soul songstress with captivating lyrics that fans gravitate towards, it would have to be Estelle. Estelle is a neo soul songbird who hails from England who bombarded the United Stated music charts with songs like American Boy (featuring Kanye West) and Come Over (featuring Sean Paul). Her captivating appearance and voice draws people to her songs that talk about love, relationships and the type of American guys she favors. This Fall, Estelle is one of many surprise guest for the John Legend and The Roots Wake Up Tour 2010. I had the pleasure to have attended this concert where she re-sang The Roots song You Got Me that features Erykah Badu and Eve. The way she sang this classic hit song (originally by Erykah Badu) and added her signature soft voice and still managed to maintain the essence of the song is very impressive and quite frankly hard to accomplish. As a result to her working close with The Roots, she has a member of the roots, Questlove, producing a couple of tracks off her next album. Their chemistry on stage together will have fans anticipating another successful album and number 1 hits. In the meantime, everyone should checkout her next single Fall in Love produced by Questlove featuring John Legend and Nas.


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