Who’s Next Live Presents: Jeremih

Chi-Town is known for their R&B King R. Kelly. However, there is a new voice that is surfacing the music charts and his name is Jeremih. Jeremih is a native from Chicago who has bombarded radio waves with his debut single Birthday Sex. This song was played all throughout radio stations, clubs and etc. Now he is back with his second album called All About You with his first single called I Like featuring Ludacris and second single called Down on Me featuring 50 Cent. His musical creativity does not just stop with his vocal performance but also instrumentally. He plays the Piano and other percussion instruments (self-taught and learned while being in the Marching Band while in High School). All of this talent deems him as being Chi-Town’s Prince of R&B and a force not to be reckoned with in music. Nevertheless, Hot 97 and S.O.B.’s Who Next Live would like to Present: Jeremih on November 30th. Doors open at 8pm! Admission $10 in advance and $15 the day of show. Until then check out his latest song/video called Down On Me featuring 50 Cent. Also,check out the youtube version of Down On Me featuring Keenan Cahill and guest appearnace 50 Cent.


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