Looking Back – Drake

Contributed by Amanda Beyer

Sob’s has been a springboard for artists and their careers.  Numerous artists have gotten their start here or had a show that jumped their career to the next level.  Artists such as Kanye West, John Legend, Immortal Technique, Erykah Badu, Common, and more have boosted their careers early on with a show here, that is in addition to all the world music acts that have found their home here.

Canadian Rapper, Drake is a notable example of an artist that really pushed his career with a show here at Sob’s.  On May 26th, 2009, he played his highly anticipated show in New York here.  The show was for Hot 97’s “Who’s Next” Showcase and was hosted by Peter Rosenberg.

After his show at Sob’s, it was no longer Drake as the who’s next, but rather as the right now.  During the show, Drake performed his hits like “Best I Ever Had,” “Successful,” and “Unstoppable,” he performed “Uptown,” with UGK’s Bun B.  Some of the fans that came by to support Drake and shmooze after the show with him included Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Talib Kweli, and DJ Green Lantern as well as other celebrities, music industry professionals and dedicated fans.  GC & Soul Mafia and Folk & Stress also hit the stage that night with music played by DJ Juanyto and DJ Quiz.

The show brought him a ton of hype and even more so when all the videos of it were posted online.  When he first played here at Sob’s, there was a bunch of buzz about Drake, and now he has blown up to become an award winning mainstream platinum album selling artist.  His mix-tape, So Far Gone, was released online in February of 2009, his show here three months later pushed his stardom and he has since released the albums Thank Me Later and Take Care. Coming from the acting world and starring in Degrassi in his younger years, Drake has shifted his path and made a huge name for himself in the music industry as a rapper with a new and unique style with great beats and a even better flow.  From selling out Sob’s to selling out arenas, Drake has come a long way and Sob’s is proud to have been a part of that.



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