“The Interns” Made Their SOB’s Debut This Week.

It’s that time of year where old interns move on and a crop of new fresh faces come in to help out here at SOB’s. Well we have got a lively bunch here. These dudes get sh*t done and have fun. Check em out: “THE INTERNS”
“What we have here is a group of lackadaisical teenagers looking to catch a break and make it in the big leagues. However ambitious and presumptuous this may be, one thing’s for sure, these boys have heart, soul, and great looks. Aesthetically pleasing is what makes these gentlemen a must-see event. Potentially SOBs’ next notable musical event, competing with top performers such as Mary J. Blidge, Jay-Z, and Tenacious D, “The Interns” are what critics consider musical production’s comic relief. Regardless, it is an event that cannot be missed and one that will leave you dazed and most definitely confused. “
Catch their song below:
THE INTERNS – Driving 90

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