XV: For those that don’t get the picture

While XV’s Zero Heroes was a success due to his extreme lyrical ability and talent to create witty punchlines that keep a listener intrigued, many over looked the clear stand out track on the mixtape. Produced to perfection by Seven, ‘Pictures on my wall’ tells the story of XV’s rough upbringing in which his parents were unsupportive of his musical aspirations. It is rare to find an artist with such passion that as you listen to him speak, you realize there is no point in a music video if you can see the entire story in your head. XV creates a world of havoc which the listener is absorbed in, as the lyrics ring “As I look up at the ceiling, too weak to respond / With these poses of mere mortals that singing like gods,” the listener is reminded of the importance of role models and the pain of the realization that they do not mean the same to people around them.

It is clear from the song that people took shots at XV’s dreams when he was younger but we come to a greater realization by the end of the song; that he has overcome that and for those of you that do not get the picture, he has replaced those crumpled up pictures, by becoming one, one that I have on my wall, and many other music lovers and admirers will soon.

Here is ‘Pictures On My Wall’


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