This is the moment my ears have been waiting for since I first started listening to hip-hop and rap.  Eminem and Slaughterhouse are making an album together.  I’ll never forget secretly buying The Slim Shady LP in 1999 and listening to it quietly so my mom wouldn’t hear the lyrics and take it away from me.
            My friends and I listened to that album over and over and over, and a year later did the same with his Marshall Mathers LP.  His last album, Recovery, was as raw and honest as anything he’s done; he’s just gotten better and better through the years, something that cannot be said about a lot of rappers out there.  Joe Budden was the first of Slaughterhouse that I was put on to; I’ve been following his career since his first album and mixtapes.
             It was the realest thing I’d heard since I’d put on that Eminem album a few years earlier.  I was so filled with emotion the first time I heard Buddens’ “Three Sides to a Story” that it inspired me in my own songwriting. Royce da 5’9” is everywhere and on everything, having already worked with Eminem and Slaughterhouse, his contribution is sure to be successful.  NYC native Joell Ortiz really came on my radar after killing it on the Slaughterhouse tracks and then releasing Free Agent.  Crooked I brings his west coast swag to the NY/NJ/Detroit based group; he is coming to SOB’s Wednesday, May 25th.  This is an exciting collaboration for hip-hop, these guys are amazing individually and they purely compliment each other’s styles together.


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