The Come Up – The Rise of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group

It is very rare in today’s music climate to successfully maintain a label with various artists as oppose to having one quality superstar. Yet, Rick Ross has attempted to build himself an empire, short of paying to trade for artist such as Wale (a’la Miami Heat with Lebron), and attaining new talent such as Pill. The “Self-Made” CEO is on the way to push out other artist as much as his own music. With the signing of the talented D.C. bred rapper Wale it is evident that the empire Ross has build will have a polished lyricist who brings a truth and soulful inspiration. The Maybach Music Group’s roster is not short of talent, Meek Millz, who has patiently been working in the industry, is a Philly veteran who has been making noise in the game since 2007 and was once signed by T.I. but after setbacks of the label was able to join Rick Ross’s team. He was also one to amaze the industry in 2010, as he has graced the cover of XXL Mag’s Freshmen of 2011. The signing of Pill brings more variety to make the roster quite impressive, as he is anAtlantanative who has been on the scene since 2009 and was once on the cover of XXL Mag’s Freshman of 2010. Hmm… that actually isn’t a coincidence. This impressive young men have all been featured in the XXL’s Freshmen of the year (Wale was on the same cover of the magazine in 2009) so it seems that Rick Ross knows what he is doing, he is seeking out young talent that are developing their own music and wants part of the success. (he even made offers to Wiz Khalifa, story goes). Now with the release of the mixtape “Self-Made Vol. 1” it appears that Ross is in top form while giving these young fresh faces a spot at the high life, which they had not found on previous labels. The opportunity is there for these new up-established up and comers, now all that’s left to be seen is whether the empire will last or will the roster perish once they go on to build their own careers, only time will tell.


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