Kendrick Lamar @ SOBs 8/31

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This video is a great edit from the Kendrick Lamar show last week at SOBs. It was definitely epic. Kendrick also speaks a little bit about New York Hip-Hop and SOBs. He is an incredible talent that will be part of Hip-Hop for a long time. No lie, this was the place to be last week and if you missed it just check the video!

The song on the video is “A.D.H.D”. The video is directed by Dwayne LaFleur.


Bernhoft @ SOBs for Sol Village 9/21

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Remember this guy?! Well he’s coming to SOBs for Sol Village this month. Jarle Bernhoft co-founded the band “Span” in the early 2000’s, which led them to sign to Universal Island Records where they saw minimal success for a few years. Once the band broke up in 2005, the Norwain multi-instrumentalist/song writer/composer began his solo career. He recently held the #1 record in Norway with his second solo album “Solidarity Breaks”. He is a great talent who is sure to wow audiences with his distinguish voice and his one-man band style of performance.

Be sure to get your tickets here!!

Machine Gun Kelly @ SOBs (Re-cap)

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The newly signed Bad Boy artist recently performed at SOBs and it was a great memorable show! The rapper known as Machine Gun Kelly or MGK is hailing from Cleveland, Ohio and he is very proud of it! He represented for his hometown in a big way and New York City showed him love. His very energetic performance even included a guest appearance by Wacka Flocka Flame, and there was alot of raging that included some crowd surfing. If you weren’t there, here’s a small recap of what you missed.

Kendrick Lamar Takes the Throne on West Coast

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In their hometown of California, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and the Game ceremoniously pass the torch to rising star Kendrick Lamar, Lamar graciously accepts as the crowd cheers “Kendrick, Kendrick,” it’s a significant moment in hip hop when three of the kings proudly crown you the new king of the west coast and Lamar recognizes the honor.  On Wednesday, August 31st at SOB’s, Kendrick Lamar will be performing an unforgettable live show.  Kendrick has been a member of Black Hippy and has worked with many artists including J.Cole, RZA, Smoke DZA, Game, DJ Kayslay, Tech N9ne, Snoop and Dre; his biggest influence is Tupac.

Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Game pass torch to Kendrick Lamar 

Kendrick Lamar Recalls Having A Vision Of Tupac Shakur In His Sleep 

In somewhat related news, it turns out that the rumour that Kendricks’s biggest influence, Tupac, had his ashes smoked by the Outlawz is true.

Outlawz Confirm That They Smoked 2Pac’s Ashes  

Some Kendrick Lamar videos- Enjoy!

Interns that Matter: Introducing The Interns – August Coupe & The Interns

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August Coupe (Daniel Lonner) & the Interns (Keshav Garg and Karan Aditya) launch their new and first mixtape, “Introducing the Interns” today, August 2nd. With a clever collaboration of  hip-hop and rock, their music inevitably resurrects childhood memories amongst adults, and invigorates the innate fun-loving, carefree attitude that adolescents and children already possess. Make sure to download “Introducing the Interns.” The unconditional support is always appreciated; download, share, and stay posted. to download the mixtape!

Andy Suzuki & The Method w/ Lyle Divinsky

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Andy Suzuki & The Method will be performing this weekend at SOBs! If you haven’t checked out this great band already make sure you do so! Well I’ll help you, check out this rendition of Kanye West’s “All of the Lights”.

Buy tickets for the show here:

August Coupe and The Interns are back with “Hungover”

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August Coupe and The Interns are back with their second single “Hungover” off of their upcoming mixtape Introducing The Interns scheduled to release August 2nd. After great reactions to their first single Driving 90 August Coupe and The Interns are back with a more alternative track in attempts to keep their sound fresh, and well, they nailed it. The hip-hop/rock hybrid is the perfect track to wake up to after a long night of partying and newfound heartbreak. Enjoy August Coupe and The Interns new single “Hungover.” Also be sure to download the mp3 of “Hungover” and become a fan of August Coupe on Facebook at as well as subscribe to the youtube account at for more videos and songs.