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In Case You Didn’t Know, Eric Roberson Is A Baller

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The good folks over at have recently written an article declaring what we at SOBs have known for years – that Eric Roberson is a baller. The article, posted here, discusses Roberson’s keen business sense and how he’s turned Sol Village (hosted right here at SOBs) into a successful monthly showcase of new talent. Check it out and come see the man himself tonight at Sol Village!


Do You Rememba, Girl?

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The glove. The moonwalk. Bubbles! Who can forget the iconic accessories brought to us by Michael Jackson (or MJ as we like to call him… we’re cool like that.) You know you’re still grooving to those songs and trying (but most likely failing) to do all those MJ moves. So make sure to get your booties down here on August 18th when Sol Village pays tribute to the King. It’ll be off the wall (get it? get it?!) Ok ok we’ll spare you the bad song title puns, just check out the promo for the event:

SOB’s Favorite Eric Roberson Drops New Video

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Check out the new video from artist and Sol Village host, Eric Roberson for his song “Still”

We love the strong message of the video and the song. Aside from that, we just cannot get over how COOL that club scene is. Man, that sure does look like a sweet place to go to every night of the week. Forever. Ok you got us – it’s SOB’s. And it just so turns out Mr. Roberson will be here hosting Sol Village on the 21st and performing solo on the 29th! Get those tickets!

Eric Roberson Covers “Pants on the Ground”

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If you weren’t here for SOBs Sol Village tribute to Mary J Blige on Wednesday, you missed out. Not only did you miss 5 good looking gentlemen lend their soulful voices to MJB’s greatest hits and the baby-making atmosphere (seriously, one of y’all needs to give us a shout out as the baby’s middle name), BUT you also missed Eric Roberson cover the American Idol sensation “Pants on the Ground.” Luckily, we got you covered. Check the video below – it’s true, the audio could of been better, but that’s why you shouldda been there in person!