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If you weren’t at SOBs last night you missed out!

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Photo Credit: Lance Drummonds

If you weren’t at SOBs last night you missed an amazing show! Our acts included Leila, Dallas Lewis, Kwamie Liv and our headliner, Allen Stone. Words cannot express the intensity and emotion I felt during Allen Stone’s set but simply enough, this guy gave me chills. One of my favorite songs he performed was his Bob Marley cover of “Is This Love,” I have to say this song is what captured the crowd. If you’re not familiar with him or any of the artist mentioned above, please look them up, you won’t be disappointed!

Cole World… Indeed

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After touring for nearly two years after signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and preparing for this album it is safe to say it has been along road for J. Cole. Even with his album leaking seven days before its set release date it has not stopped his loyal fanbase from buying and supporting his album sales. The expectations for “Cole World: The Sideline Story” may have seemed high, but it is clear that J. Cole knows what the standards are. His debut is one of the most impressive works of the upcoming rappers today, and probably one of the best albums of 2011. He shows off lyricism and wittiness in songs with Jay-Z and Trey Songz (“Mr. Nice Watch”, “Can’t Get Enough”). He even manages to sweet talk the ladies with “In The Morning” and “Nobody’s Perfect”. Yet there is never a lack of instrospective such as in “Sideline Story”, and thoughtful lyricism in “A Dollar and a Dream III” finds J. Cole revisiting a theme from his past mixtapes. In songs such as “God’s Gift”, “Breakdown”, “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Rise and Shine” he shows off his lyrical capabilities while painting pictures and giving fans detailed stories of both pain and aspiration. J. Cole has given a great album that consists of various elements and feels complete, an album everyone should buy.


Don’t forget J. Cole performed earlier in his career at SOBs!! He rocked it!!


Juelz Santana…for the first time @ SOB’s 10/4.

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Harlem, rapper Juelz Santana hits SOB’s for the first time ever on Tuesday, October 4th.
With his long awaited album, Born to Lose , Built to Win, scheduled to be released November 22nd the Dip Set member is sure to be firing on all cylinders.
After a few run-ins with the law, Santana is focused on showing New Yorkers his powerful and entertaining
lyrical skills.
Santana, a member of Diplomats, which includes Jim Jones, Cam’Ron and Vado to name a few, has been working on his upcoming album since 2007. With chart-topping songs like “ There it Go (Whistle Song)” and “ Oh yes,” we can only expect more beat-knockers and catchy hooks on this newest disc.
Check out the video below “Back to the Crib” featuring Chris Brown, then don’t miss the Dipplomats own, Juelz Santana  live here on Tues, Oct 4th.

Someone Tell Me Why This Has 458 Views

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He was hand picked by her out of a crowd. Brought on to stage. Sang for her. Was given a position on tour with her. Alicia Keys could have been the beginning of a wonderful career for Jermaine Paul, but for some reason he fails to get the buzz he deserves. The video “Airplanes” by Jermaine is not only shot incredibly well (camera work by bbgun) but a phenomenal song. This man can sing. He can hit the crazy falsetto and he can hit the soulful lows. He is a master of the art. All I ask of you, the people that read this post, is to please please please, share this video. Show your friends. His music, his image, and his passion are incredible. Show the world.

Why we’re excited about Allen Stone?! The Next Big Thing!

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If you have been out of the music loop or unaware (no pun intended!) about new artist on the rise, then you may not have noticed the buzz created from Chewelah, WA, artist Allen Stone. The 22 year old R&B/soul singer, son of a pastor, is making strides on to the national scene. From singing at backyards and leading church choirs to sold out venues in the Seattle area, this is the artist  that we at SOBs are excited about! After just a few listens to his songs, the staff here at SOBs definitely recognized his talent, and we are excited to have him booked! Now you may be wondering if its just hype or this guy really could be the “next big thing”, and we believe the latter. Check the following videos out and let us know what you think! After you’re convinced make sure to come to the show on Sept. 28th.

Get tickets here!

Also, check out this cover of the song.

Kendrick Lamar @ SOBs 8/31

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This video is a great edit from the Kendrick Lamar show last week at SOBs. It was definitely epic. Kendrick also speaks a little bit about New York Hip-Hop and SOBs. He is an incredible talent that will be part of Hip-Hop for a long time. No lie, this was the place to be last week and if you missed it just check the video!

The song on the video is “A.D.H.D”. The video is directed by Dwayne LaFleur.

Bernhoft @ SOBs for Sol Village 9/21

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Remember this guy?! Well he’s coming to SOBs for Sol Village this month. Jarle Bernhoft co-founded the band “Span” in the early 2000’s, which led them to sign to Universal Island Records where they saw minimal success for a few years. Once the band broke up in 2005, the Norwain multi-instrumentalist/song writer/composer began his solo career. He recently held the #1 record in Norway with his second solo album “Solidarity Breaks”. He is a great talent who is sure to wow audiences with his distinguish voice and his one-man band style of performance.

Be sure to get your tickets here!!